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Mammoth – Introduction to the Chinese “Ancient Elephant” brand

Mammoths have been extinct from the earth for at least over 12,000 years now. They were a kind of gigantic and long-haired elephants existing in ancient times, commonly called “Ancient Elephants”. The “Ancient Elephant” fossils excavated from Nihewan in Hebei Province of China have been studied by specialists in archeology and considered the fossils of the earliest grassland “Ancient Elephants”. The long-haired elephants inhabiting the temperate jungle environment of northern China 1,660,000 years ago and the gradually evolved environment-adapting “Ancient Elephants” excavated from the freezing cold tundra regions of Siberia 1,200,000 years ago actually belonged to the same family!

“Ancient Elephants”, the gigantic ancient animal, fearlessly braved any challenges of adverse environments and survived both the southern temperate climate and the northern freezing cold environment they inhabited. This is similar to human life!!

The Chinese brand of “Mammoth" – “Ancient Elephant” - also upholds the spirit of fearless bravery and keeps striving forward, providing a series of meticulously made all-round outdoor travel equipment and accessories catered for stationary and vigorous activities such as tents, backpacks, and sports products for mountaineering, whereby offering a quality choice to lovers of hiking, mountaineering and outdoor natural countryside activities. At the same time, the conviction in concerning for nature’s ecosystem, in endeavoring to protect the environment and in caring for the earth which coexists with human beings is expressed. It is hoped that human beings can live out the spirit of “Ancient Elephants” and pass it on from generation to generation.